Mar 11

We had many sources and applications to show off. Here they are:

Search sites <> – Open Source Software <> – Mac (and iOS) only software search
App Store (available in Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher)

AdBlock Plus <> – block ads in your web browser
AdChange for AdBlock Plus <> – replace the ads with pictures from your computer or Flickr
Alfred <> – quick launcher/search tool
Outside for Mac <> – weather menu bar widget
TextWrangler <> – plain text editor with powerful search and replace
EverNote <> – collect snippets of information or make to do lists – syncs online!
DropBox <> – backup your files and share files between multiple computers and other DropBox users
OpenDNS <> – faster surfing with alternate DNS (Domain Name Service) servers replacing those provided by your ISP
Spirited Away <> – auto hide inactive applications
MenuMeters <> – menu bar widget to show CPU, buy cialis buy, Memory, Disk, and Network usage
GIMP <> – GNU Image Manipulation Program, functional replacement for high end image editors like Photoshop (requires X11) <> – Office suite, for sale buy cialis, functional replacement for Microsoft Office
NeoOffice <> – Office suite, Mac-ified, functional replacement for Microsoft Office
AbiWord <> – Word Processor, cialis sale sales, functional replacement for Microsoft Word
iText Express <> – Simple, fast Word Processor
ClamAV for OS X <> – Anti-virus utility
Angry IP Scanner <> – find which IP addresses are in use on your network (and perhaps find who has been using your un-protected wireless)

Additional items courtesy George Crawford

These are some good sites for Mac Free and Open Source Software links.
The Free Mac classroom Google Docs from a Workshop I attended a few years ago.

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